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We’ve been electrical contractors for over 35 years. As a result, we’ve dealt with almost every possible electrical situation and problem across the entire area. Our experience means that we’ve dealt with every imaginable rewiring obstacle, from laminate floors to tiled walls and floors, fuseboards, consumer units, and fuse boxes with the new wiring regulations now in force fuseboards fitted before 2007 are not to the current standard; due to this, most of the homes in the area need a new fuseboard to be able to test any work done, though this can be costly ($200-$350) depending on the size of the board and the number of ways (fuses). it is a relatively quick job (2-5 hrs) and is the fastest and easiest way to bring your home up to current safety regulations.

Circuits and Rewiring

Socket circuits are divided into 3 different sections throughout the house in a modern wiring system with the upstairs, kitchen, and downstairs on their respective circuits. Some of our most common jobs include kitchen and extension rewiring. New circuits for kitchen sockets should ideally always have their separate circuit from the rest of the house, and rewiring cooker circuits, which always have their fuse for safety reasons.


We also carry out the wiring for all kinds of lighting – this is becoming more popular as customers become increasingly aware of the many different types of lighting available and how they can change the aesthetics of any room. Our experience means we can offer expert consultation and advice services – helping you choose the best design, wiring, and installation solution.

Recess Spotlights

Recessed ceiling spotlights can be fitted throughout your home, with various specialist spotlights available for bathrooms. Many spotlights suit your taste and style, with a range of standard and energy-saving lamps (bulbs). We will happily advise on the amount and design of spotlights in a room to suit your needs.

Under-Unit Lights

Under-unit kitchen lights are becoming increasingly more popular in the area, whether these are essential strip lights (fitted where the unit bottoms have a pelmit ) or chrome fittings where they will be visible.

Plinth Lights

These are a good way to subtly highlight the floor in your new kitchen. These come in various colors, the 2 most common being white and blue. Plinth lights fit below your kitchen base cupboards around 50mm (2”) off the floor. We will happily advise on the size and design of plinth lights in your kitchen.

Wall Lights

Wall lights can be fitted in most household rooms, though not installed in bathrooms (due to wiring regulations) or generally in kitchens (due to cupboard positions). There is an extensive range of modern and traditional wall lights to suit your style and décor.

I have done work successfully in all house types, and I hope to help you with your electrical needs.

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