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Even if a motor vehicle occupant is well restrained by a lap and shoulder belt and protected by airbags, a car accident can cause extreme, sudden forces that inflict head, neck and brain injuries.

Some of these injuries due to car accidents can appear to be relatively mild, but they may have profound long-term effects.

Brain Trauma

The full effects of head and brain injuries are becoming better understood, largely because so many members of the military have received this kind of injury in the recent wars. Also, the effect of concussion on professional athletes has been well-publicized over the past few years.Personal Injury - brain trauma

Medical professionals have responded by developing diagnosis and treatment guidelines. It is now known that any impact to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury or TBI.

Severe TBI often causes loss of consciousness, even coma. The injured person may have a splitting headache, violent bouts of nausea and vomiting, and loss of coordination. These striking symptoms make a diagnosis fairly easy. Find more great information on this site @

With a milder form of TBI, the affected person may not lose consciousness and symptoms may not be apparent immediately after an accident. Diagnosis is more challenging. Symptoms like headache, confusion, and sleepiness can start to appear hours, even weeks afterward.

TBI Effects And Treatment

Whatever the degree of TBI, its effects on the injured person’s personality and social interactions can be disturbing for friends and family. They may comment that their friend or relative has turned into a different person.

Irritability, depression, memory problems and anxiety are common among TBI sufferers. Mood swings can make living with injured persons difficult.

Recovery from TBI is slow and may never be complete. It is important to enlist a team of professionals, including not only physicians but also a variety of therapists. Physical and occupational therapy, psychotherapy and family counseling all can contribute to TBI treatment.

Neck Injuries

Injuries to the neck that affect the spinal cord used to result in permanent immobility. Back injuries can also damage the spinal cord and cause a loss of mobility. Spinal cord injuries are receiving increased attention, and new technologies promise to improve mobility and expand possibilities for people with such injuries.

Devices that allow paralyzed people to stand and walk are being developed. Instead of sitting in a chair, a person is encased in a wearable robot that provides a brace to hold the person’s body upright and mechanical power to move the person’s legs. These devices are not yet widely available and are very expensive.

Minor Neck Injuries Are Still Painful

It is a relief to learn that you have a neck injury that is less serious and has not damaged the spinal cord. A common neck injury is a whiplash, which results when the head is violently jerked backward, then forward. The extent of this forceful movement stretches neck muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

While whiplash doesn’t cause paralysis, it can bring chronic pain for a long time. An affected individual may be treated with pain-relieving drugs, heat and cold applications and chiropractic manipulation.

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